Welcome to our site! P.E.A.C.E. is a registered non-profit in BC, Canada. Our main mission is to help animals and farm animal sanctuaries through Resources, Rescues and Education.


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Starting A Farm Animal Sanctuary

We get asked from time to time about starting a sanctuary, so we have complied this resource for anyone interested in starting their own sanctuary. These are recommendations as well as information about how to get setup for success! See “So, You Want To Start A Sanctuary?”


We’ve been researching grants for sanctuaries, and compiled a list of grants they can apply for, as a non-profit and as a charity. Especially starting out, or helping with projects at the sanctuary, grants can be very helpful and life changing. They do take a lot of work to apply for, but can make a …


Billy is our little girl. Or at least we think she’s a girl. Time will tell but for now she’s our little fighter. We had the opportunity to rescue Billy because she has wry neck. It’s a condition usually caused by mom not having adequate nutrients in her body so we are treating it with …