Billy is our little girl. Or at least we think she’s a girl. Time will tell but for now she’s our little fighter.

We had the opportunity to rescue Billy because she has wry neck. It’s a condition usually caused by mom not having adequate nutrients in her body so we are treating it with Vitamin E, B1 and Selenium.

Some days Billy is doing good and some days she isn’t . She’s also a broiler baby like the 13 other chicks we rescued, but Billy’s story is a bit different. She was part of an educational truck about chickens that was going around to schools. The only reason we got a chance was because of her condition and that kids and the teacher was showing concern towards her, when she was only 2 days old, falling over the whole time and getting trampled on by other chicks.

This was another experience and opportunity while researching humane education. Our hope is that Billy’s condition will get better as she gets bigger and that she can go live with the other 13 broiler chickens at Little OinkBank Sanctuary. If not, we will look at what’s best for her, monitor quality of life, and worse case/best case she’ll become a house chicken!