This is Morky from Island Pacifica Animal Sanctuary on Denman Island. Cheryl Henkelman has been rescuing animals for 40 years and this year started a life long dream of having a sanctuary.

This is how Morky and Cheryl’s story started. Michelle from A Home For Hooves contacted us in April of this year about an abuse case and emergency rescue of 3 pot belly pigs on Vancouver Island. It was a hard search but at the end Cheryl luckily could give them a forever home, which we are forever grateful for!

At the end Cheryl could take care of the transport so we said we’d in return help out by paying for Morky’s neuter. As she is remote with no local vet specialized in pig neuters, which is a high risk operation, she had to get a mobile vet to take a ferry to her. The bill came to over $600 which we can happily say, with all the recent donations, apparel sales and the support on Patreon, we were able to fully pay off for her last week!

Rest In Peace Billy

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Billy earlier this week. Her body was too broken, and now our hearts are shattered.

Zoe Peled said it the best: “We are so lucky to find them and have time with them; but we also hold the burden of losing them. We accept both.”

Billy’s Story.

R.I.P. Billy


We’ve been making a list and checking it twice… a list of GRANTS!

Especially starting out, or helping with projects at the sanctuary, grants can be very helpful. They do take a lot of work to apply for, but worth the effort if it can help with build infrastructure at sanctuaries to paying for a lawyer to help them get charity status.

So go see what we’ve compiled, and if you know of any more let us know! Sharing is caring, as they say!


We are so grateful, yet again, to Harbour Air for their help! Prince was flown in from Vancouver Island and now calls Little OinkBank Pig Sanctuary his forever home.


Billy is our little girl. Or at least we think she’s a girl. Time will tell but for now she’s our little fighter.

We had the opportunity to rescue Billy because she has wry neck. It’s a condition usually caused by mom not having adequate nutrients in her body so we are treating it with Vitamin E, B1 and Selenium.

Some days Billy is doing good and some days she isn’t . She’s also a broiler baby like the 13 other chicks we rescued, but Billy’s story is a bit different. She was part of an educational truck about chickens that was going around to schools. The only reason we got a chance was because of her condition and that kids and the teacher was showing concern towards her, when she was only 2 days old, falling over the whole time and getting trampled on by other chicks.

This was another experience and opportunity while researching humane education. Our hope is that Billy’s condition will get better as she gets bigger and that she can go live with the other 13 broiler chickens at Little OinkBank Sanctuary. If not, we will look at what’s best for her, monitor quality of life, and worse case/best case she’ll become a house chicken!


It’s not easy finding animals homes, especially if they are big. This is Debbie. She is a lucky lady because she was rescued and transported to The Alice Sanctuary in Alberta recently as part of a rescue effort by us. There was no space at BC sanctuaries for cows, since the large rescue of the 9 calves this past Christmas. So we were very lucky that The Alice Sanctuary had space for her.

We are so happy because we were told “she met her new friends and ran off across the field with them”. One happy ending.

13 Broiler Chicks Update

As mentioned in our previous blog, when we had the chance to save the 13 baby chicks from a classroom chick hatching experiment, it opened the door to having a teacher be open to working with us to find alternatives for the future. While we work on that for the coming year, the update is that all 13 chicks now happily will live out their lives at Little OinkBank Pig Sanctuary.

When we saved them we didn’t know they were broiler chicks, but as they grew it was very evident very fast. Broiler chickens are made to grow big, fast as “meat chicken”. With that comes a lot of complications, but we are happy to give them the chance now to feel grass on their feet, sunshine on their feathers and get the best care possible.

Vegan Tattoo Fundraiser Was A HIT!

We had such an amazing time at the Vegan Tattoo Fundraiser with Ultra Instinct Tattoo Studio! Thank you again so much to everyone who were involved in making this happen, and can’t wait for the next one!