Plant Based Food Options For Schools

This is a list of companies that do Plant Based food delivery for school programs to cafeteria options.

Here’s also a very informative 2019 article called “More than 14% of U.S. School Districts Now Offer Plant-Based Lunch Options To Students


Metro Vancouver, BC

Kinder Meals

Completely Plant Based
*School Fundraising Included

Feed Me Fit

Plant Based Options
*School Fundraising Included


Metro Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Humane Society – Plant Based Plates

Interested in introducing or expanding plant-based menu options at your school cafeteria, workplace, business or community? VHS offer free resources, including presentations, recipes, promotional materials, marketing best practices, outreach and culinary and sampling support.


Humane Society International – Food Forward

Through Forward Food, foodservice directors, major corporations, restaurant chains, chefs, dietitians and NGOs are using plant-based foods to grow a healthier, more sustainable food system. We’re preventing cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. We’re tackling obesity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving water. We’re transforming our schools, restaurant menus, grocery aisles, hospitals, correctional facilities, military bases, and more. Together, we are bringing food forward.

Forward Food Program is available in Canada but currently the only resources available is with regards to USDA guidelines. A Canadian website will be launched soon for this program.

USDA Compliant Recipes for K-12 and Childcare Programs

USDA K-12 Toolkit