How To Help Sanctuaries

There are many ways you can help a sanctuary! Here are just a few examples:

Sponsor An Animal

Being a monthly sponsor for an animal helps with contributing to a continual income. Having that guaranteed income is very valuable to sanctuaries and a wonderful way to help the animals.

Volunteer Your Time

Sanctuary work is A LOT of cleaning. Volunteers are gold, and committing to a couple of hours a week helping clean animal areas and feeding them makes a huge difference.

You can also volunteer your time by doing admin work, helping out with social media or if you have any special skill sets, especially in trades, for big projects like barn building, please let us or your local sanctuary know. Find a sanctuary close to you.


Other than being an animal sponsor, setting up a monthly donation or giving a one time donation is always helpful. Some sanctuaries also have Amazon wish lists, so even helping by buying items on their lists or asking what product donations you can ask around for, will help a lot.


Organizing a fundraiser is a lot of work. There are ideas from doing a birthday fundraiser on Facebook to connecting with a sanctuary and seeing if you can organize a fundraiser event for them.

Contribute To Free Or Discounted Resources

If your work or you personally have any skill sets that can be offered to sanctuaries for free or discounted, please contact a sanctuary close to you or connect with us and we will happily add that information to our Farm Animal Sanctuaries Resources page.