Alberta Farm Animal Sanctuaries

These are the Alberta Farm Animal Sanctuaries P.E.A.C.E. is aware of per region in alphabetical order. These are sanctuaries that take farm animals and have a no kill policy, which is different from hobby farms and petting zoos.

If it’s known to us, we have added a farm animal sanctuary’s status with regards to being a nonprofit or charity. Here is a link if clarification is needed of the difference between a nonprofit and charity.

  • NPO – Nonprofit Organization
  • NPS – Registered Nonprofit Society
  • NPS-C – Registered Nonprofit Society working towards becoming a Registered Charity
  • C – Registered Charity

Southern Alberta

The Alice Sanctuary (NPO)


Free Spirit Sanctuary (NPO)

Robin’s Refuge (NPO)

Central Alberta


Saving Grace Animal Society (C)

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  • When you click on the sanctuary’s name it will take you to their Facebook page. We chose to link to Facebook pages as all sanctuaries have them, but not everyone has a website. This keeps things consistent. If a sanctuary has other social media accounts or websites, they are also usually linked on their Facebook page.
  • All farm animal sanctuaries that are Registered Charities we have put a link in the (C) to their charity profile.