Kitchensink Rescue Farm and Sanctuary

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Fogel came from a puppy mill with 100 plus dogs. He was so shy another rescue asked if I could work with him shortly after his leg broke from the lack of care and health he had from the puppy mill. $5000 ish later raised by myself and another rescue he is great with a new robotic leg and loves the farm life. 


Gus is 20 years old. He came to us 9 years ago and has daily medications due to old injuries before he came to us. He’s truly a big baby but also the boss out in the field. He’s blind in his left eye but he makes it work. 


Honey is 16 years old and came with another horse about 5 years ago. She has “heaves” so has medication to maintain her breathing. She’s a sweet sweet mare and easy going with everything. 


Nene is about 3 years old and totally blind. She follows her sister around to get from place to place and a bit shy as she was suppose to have been a mini pig ….. she about 100lbs


Betsy is a pigme goat. She’s very sweet with people and her job is to tell the sheep what to do. We have been told she’s about 7 years old. 


Bella very very friendly and about 6-7 years old. She’s the first one to greet you and for sure the first one if you have food. 

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian’s the bigger sister again was a Mini pig (lol). She is the “eyes” for her sister as they travel around the farm. She loves a belly rub and of course food. 


Sheri was going to be a meal. Thank goodness she found her way out of that! Age unknown.


Phyllis little lady and her brother Neely are both wool lambs. We don’t have much back ground information but they are putting on weight in their short time with us. Also so far getting more and more cuddly with us humans.